Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Poem: I Am An African


I'm not a huge poem person, and I'll be the first to admit it. But by ways unknown to me, I came across this poem by Wayne Visser, and I was sold. 

It is no secret to my friends that I always claim to be "African", not because I actually am (I mean, I'm still holding strong onto my Singapore roots all the while holding a US passport) but because I love it so much, I wish it were mine. I think that's why I love this poem so much; ;Visser allows anyone and everyone to lay claim to a beautiful place simply because you care.

And now that I'm so close to leaving, a little proclamation of my love won't hurt anyone. 


Mpaka Baadaye,
- Mwalimu M


I Am An African
By Wayne Visser
(Courtesy of Sheena's Travel Blog)

I am an African

Not because I was born there

But because my heart beats with Africa’s

I am an African

Because my mind is engaged by Africa

I am an African

Not because I live on its soil

But because my soul is at home in Africa….

When Africa weeps for her children

My cheeks are stained with tears

When Africa honors her elders

My head is bowed in respect

When Africa mourns for her victims

My hands are joined in prayer

When Africa celebrates her triumphs

My feet are alive with dancing.

I am an African

For her blue skies take my breath away

And my hope for the future is bright

I am an African

For her people greet me as family

And teach me the meaning of community

I am an African

For her wildness quenches my spirit

And brings me closer to the source of life

When the music of Africa beats n the wind

My blood pulses to its rhythm

And I become the essence of sound

When the colours of Africa dazzle in the sun

My senses drink in its rainbow

And I become the palette of nature

When the stories of Africa echo around the fire

My feet walk in its pathways

And I become the footprints of history

I am an African

Because she is the cradle of our birth

And nurtures an ancient wisdom

I am an African

Because she lives in the world’s shadow

And bursts with a radiant luminosity

I am an African

Because she is the land of tomorrow

And I recognize her gifts as sacred.


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